Dear Friends, 

I hope that you are all doing well during this COVID19 pandemic wherever you are living in the world. I am doing well. We continue in isolation in the St. Andrew’s Retirement Community where I live in Boca Raton, Florida. 

I continue as a faculty member at Florida Atlantic University with my role as a partner liaison (as I am a retired USAF, NC Colonel and veteran) with the “Caring-Based Academic Partnerships in Excellence: Veteran RNs in Primary Care” program. We received the Human Resources Services Administration grant (HRSA) last July and have had a good year of teaching and learning with our first cohort of veteran BSN students. 

I have a few more things to share to update my website. A few years ago, I received a Distinguished Fellowship with the European Society for Person-Centered Health Care (FESPCH (hon))which is headquartered in the UK at the University of West London in Ealing. They have annual conferences as well as a journal featuring the development and evolution of person-centered care in all healthcare disciplines. 

I also received a Distinguished Fellowship in the National Academies of Practice (FNAP) which is headquartered in KY but generally has its multidisciplinary healthcare meetings in Washington, DC.  One of its responsibilities relates to policy development in interprofessional research, education, administration, and practice.  

In 2019, I received a very special award, the Legacy of Caring Award from the International Association for Human Caring at Clemson University, June 2019. As a charter member of this organization, it is a great honor.