New Release!! Transcultural Caring Dynamics in Nursing and Health Care 2nd Edition

Transcultural Nursing
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How do you perceive your cultural identity?

All of us are shaped by the cultures we interact with and the cultural backgrounds and ethnicities that are part of our heritage.

Take a dynamic approach to the study of culture and health care relationships.

Dr. Marilyn A. Ray shows us how cultures influence one another through inter-cultural relationships, technology, globalization, and mass communication, and how these influences directly shape our cultural identities in today’s world. She integrates theory, practice, and evidence of transcultural caring to show you how to apply transcultural awareness to your clinical decision making.

Go beyond common stereotypes using a framework that can positively impact the nurse-patient relationship and the decision-making process. You’ll learn how to deliver culturally competent care through the selection and application of transcultural assessment, planning and negotiation tools  for interventions.

Key Features:

  • Explores transcultural caring dynamics • ethical principles • transcultural context • universal sources • and developing a personal, cultural, and decision-making foundation.
  • Offers transcultural tools for caring dynamics assessment • culture-value conflict assessment • spiritual-ethical communicative caring • caring choice • and communicative interaction.
  • Uses self-awareness tools to help you students understand your personal beliefs and how those beliefs influence your assessments of and care planning for your patients.
  • Illustrates concepts with 25 case studies, real-life stories of transcultural caring experiences, written by practitioners from around the world, followed by learning activities that reinforce mastery of the techniques of transcultural assessment and caring.

New to this Edition

  • Nine new chapters that focus on real-world examples of transcultural caring.
  • Thoroughly updated and revised throughout to reflect the art and science of nursing today.

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