Marilyn Anne Ray, RN, BSN, MSN, MA, PhD, CTN-A, FSfAA, FAAN, FESPCH (hon) is Professor Emeritus at Florida Atlantic University, Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, Boca Raton, Florida, USA. She holds a diploma in Nursing from St. Joseph Hospital, Hamilton, Canada; Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Nursing from the University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado; Master of Arts, in Cultural Anthropology from McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada; a Doctor of Philosophy in Transcultural Nursing from the University of Utah College of Nursing, Salt Lake City, Utah; and an honorary degree from Nevada State College, Henderson, Nevada. Ray has held faculty positions at the University of San Francisco, University of California San Francisco, McMaster University, the University of Colorado, and the Eminent Scholar positions at Florida Atlantic University and Virginia Commonwealth University, and Professorial and Professor Emeritus positions at Florida Atlantic University. In addition, Ray attended Ethics Courses at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and studied with the theoretical physicist, Dr. F. David Peat on Complexity Science at the Pari Center for New Learning in Pari, Italy. Ray is a Fellow of the Society for Applied Anthropology (FSfAA), and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN). She is certified as an Advanced Transcultural Nurse (CTN-A), and was awarded the position of a Transcultural Nursing Scholar from the Transcultural Nursing Society. For 32 years, Ray served in the United States Air Force Nurse Corps (USAF) in the field of aerospace nursing– flight nursing (during the Vietnam war), administration, practice, education, and research at the School of Aerospace Medicine. She retired in 1999 as a Colonel and is a Veteran of military conflicts. She attended a program in space education at the Marshall Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama in preparation for the potential role of “nurses in space.” Ray is featured in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World. Ray has researched, presented and published nationally and internationally on the subjects of the philosophy of caring, caring science, holistic nursing, transcultural caring in nursing and health care, technological caring, economic caring, and caring ethics in complex organizations, primarily hospitals. In 1981, Ray discovered the Theory of Bureaucratic Caring (1981, 1984, 1989, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2017) via research in organizational cultures, and with Turkel, the Theory of Relational Caring Complexity (2000, 2001, 2012, 2014). She also advanced the model and Theory of Transcultural Caring Dynamics in Nursing and Health Care (2010, 2016) within her book of the same name. Her Theory of Bureaucratic Caring is being used widely nationally and internationally, and especially now as a framework in the USAF Medical Service under the leadership of Major General Dorothy Hogg and Colonel Marcia Potter for the development of an interdisciplinary, inter-professional practice model, and the Veterans’ Administration in Colorado and Wisconsin in nursing education under the leadership of Dr. Dana Lusk. Ray is a charter member and currently serves on the By-Laws Committee of the International Association for Human Caring (IAHC). Ray’s books include, The ethics of care and the ethics of cure: Synthesis in chronicity (with Jean Watson), A study of caring within an institutional culture: The discovery of the Theory of Bureaucratic Caring; Transcultural caring dynamics in nursing and health care [1st and 2nd editions]; and with her colleagues, Alice Davidson and Marian Turkel, Nursing, caring, and complexity science: For human-environment well-being (2011, American Journal of Nursing, Book of the Year Award for Professional Development and Trends). Ray also serves on the boards of the Global Qualitative Nursing Research (on line journal), Qualitative Health Research, and the Journal of Art and Aesthetics in Nursing and Health Sciences., She is a reviewer for the International Nursing Review, journal the International Council of Nurses, Journal of Transcultural Nursing, Nursing Outlook and Nursing Inquiry. She is a Board Member and Chair of the Faculty Development and Learning Partnerships Committee of the Anne Boykin Institute (ABI) for the Study of Caring Science in Nursing. As a FAAN, Ray serves on the Theory-Guided Practice Expert Panel of the American Academy of Nursing. She was elected to and awarded the prestigious, Honorary Distinguished Fellowship of the European Society for Person-Centered Healthcare (ESPCH) in London, United Kingdom, in 2016. Her Archives of Caring collection are housed at the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, Florida Atlantic University.